Your Personal Checklist For Hiring A Dedicated Drupal Developer

Hire Drupal Developer

The hunt for a decent Drupal developer has never been a child’s play. One, because Drupal in itself is a complex tool that requires a high-end expertise and hence Drupal developers are less in number as compared to others. And second, one also has to be technically literate to a certain extent, in order to sense their expertise and hire accordingly.

Well, you need not be scared, if you aren’t that well-versed about the tech-world. Especially, when you have AddWeb Solution to your rescue. We, being a pack of powerful Drupal-ers since 2012 and currently ranked at the 24th position in the marketplace of Drupal Service Provider, you know that you can put faith in our words. And as always, we’re more than happy to guide you through your search of a good Drupal developer.

Let us share a few pointers that have to be on your checklist while shortlisting a Drupal developer for yourself.

1) Profile on Drupal community:

What better recommendation of a Drupal developer than the one coming from Drupal’s official website itself?! And guess what, Drupal doesn’t bluff! It purely works on the merit basis, where the Drupal developers’ activeness in the community and their contribution is displayed. If one doesn’t have a profile on Drupal Community, you know you’ve to think twice before hiring them!

2) Certification:

“Skills, not degrees, take you far.” True. But when in the ever-changing techno-world, you can’t shun the significance of certificates that these software companies give. So, if you come across a certified Drupal developer by Acquia, you know you’ve found the best champ to hire.

3) Work Profile:

Remember, that work speaks for itself! Well, don’t let some fraud deceive you with pretty presentations and flattery words. Ask for their work profile and invest your time and energy over analyzing them. And you’ll soon be a judge yourself, whether to trust the person or not. No wonder why a lot of companies goes all boastful about their clientele.

4) Coding Languages:

“The more the merrier” is the mantra you need to follow while choosing a Drupal Developer with the knowledge of multiple coding languages. Since Drupal is built with the PHP language, it becomes mandatory for a Drupal developer to be well-versed in it. But knowing just PHP is also not enough, he needs to be multilingual when it comes to coding languages; majorly, SQL, MYSQL, JQuery, et al. And of course, not to forget ‘English’. It may not have any technical benefit attached to it, but it will surely enhance your communication with him!

5) Activeness on Drupal Community:

Drupal is a high-end open-source content-management framework, which is available free of cost. But the prominent reason behind its growth and flourishment is its community. People from all across the world, gather-up here and share their knowledge and queries here. A Drupal developer’s activeness here in this community also speaks for the wealth of his Drupal-related knowledge.

There may not be a guaranteed checklist to help you hire only the best of Drupal developers, but a few tips like these can always prevent you from a disastrous selection. And in case, you’re still stuck in your search; remember, our super-skilled Drupal developer’s team is just a call away!

May you have a happy ride, searching a decent Drupal developer!Article Source: AddWeb Solution


Introduction to Paragraphs Drupal 8

Precious Tips For Paragraphs In Drupal 8 Web Services
Paragraphs is a contributed module which allows creation, administration, and display of customization content components.

In other words, Paragraphs gives you cleaner data structures so you can give more editing power to your end-users.

This module replaces drupal’s standard body field with paragraph types. This allows any type of content to be added on

the page including but not limited to HTML, images, videos etc. All these can be added by users. Users can add as many

paragraphs as they like all the while keeping them all responsive. Developers can reuse paragraphs and layouts.

Paragraphs are basic Drupal entities. This allows site builder control over fields used in paragraphs and their display.

This also makes content saved in paragraphs compatible with Search API, views, and services.

Below is the step by step instructions to work with Paragraphs module:

1 – Download and enable the module
Paragraphs module follows standard process to download and enable.  Module depends on entity reference revision.

You can download and enable this module via drush as well.

2 – Add paragraph types
Paragraphs do not come with any predefined paragraph types. Developers can add as many paragraph types they want by going to admin > structure > paragraphs

To add a paragraph, click on “Add paragraph”. Add fields

Add fields that you want in this paragraph. Go to manage form display and manage display to adjust field display.

3 – Add paragraph field in the content type


Allow this field to have multiple values. Select which paragraphs you want available in this field on field settings and save.

4 – Add content

Add content. In paragraph field, you get a list of all the paragraphs you have created and are available for this field.

Add as many paragraphs as you need.

You can change the order as well.

5 – Theme your paragraphs

Paragraphs can be themed separately. You can use the same template everywhere this paragraph is used.

The file name needs to



Paragraph provides various advantages to all users of the site. Site owners get content that is responsive and works on all platforms.

Content authors can choose on the fly between predefined paragraph types. They get more structured content creation process.

Developers have full control over fields to include and paragraphs and how they should look.

Stay tuned for more on paragraphs!

Hope this helped you to get most out of the system. Feel free to share your reviews or need assistance for

Drupal Website Migration then gets in touch with us. Pick the best answer for your requirements.

Sharing Insights For Drupal Mountain Camp Event

My Takeaways from the Drupal Mountain Camp Event, 16-19 February 2017, Davos, Switzerland.

~Climb mountains, not so that the world can see you but so you can see the world!~ And I was blessed to get the opportunity in the most beautiful place on earth! Imagine attending a Drupal Event in the scenic Swiss Alps (with temperatures plummeting to as low as minus 11)! The sights were no less than a fairy tale, and the Drupal learning – truly out of this world. No words can describe, no camera can ever capture the beauty of the place (and the learning from the event) – one has to live it, experience it and boy were I lucky!

The 4-day Drupal Mountain Camp Event was held at Davos – a valley in Eastern Switzerland and surrounded by snow-clad, picturesque mountains. My hotel was located at an altitude, with the very relatively low level of oxygen. The experience was truly exhilarating – almost like Drupal coding while hiking! The venue of the Mountain Camp Event is an International Congress Center, host to many International conferences. The 4-day event, held from 16-19 February 2017 was a perfect combination of coding and (winter) chill, events and entertainment, food and fun.

The first day began with a warm welcome of a delicious chocolate mountain – the Swiss are known for their chocolates, and the mountain was truly a finger-licking experience. While the days were spent in workshops and sprints – with extraordinary learning, evenings were fun-filled. On the Thursday evening, we got to try our hands at ice skating! Having only seen people skate in movies, it was a great chance for us to feel no less than movie stars! On the next evening, we got to enjoy an incredible sledge ride in the Alps – spinning down the slopes (at what feels like a million kilometers an hour) resulted in a great adrenaline rush. On Saturday night, we got to see a live ice hockey match between Davos and Zurich – thanks to the sponsors. And on Sunday, after a day spent in sprints, we could also ski and snowboard – god was I living a dream?

I was very lucky to have heard some great keynotes (especially on Open Source & API first Drupal), some eye-opening talks and sessions in the Drupal community, in addition to education, research, and Agile process tips for attendees of all levels (technical developers, business owners, and project managers).

With this event, I experienced my many firsts! My 1st time in Switzerland, my 1st time as a speaker, my 1st sledging adventure, the 1st time I witnessed snowfall, and my 1st Live Hockey match! I was also privileged to attend the Speaker Dinner (don’t forget to catch the pictures on Twitter and Flickr). The social nights were fab – I thoroughly enjoyed the Swiss beer, made some great new friends, and danced to some peppy Indian and Bollywood numbers.

I thought I was the farthest travelled attendee, all the way from India, while there was Lauri who came from across the world – Australia.  A memory: Signing on the Drupal Love board was fun, and it has been safely stashed by Ursin Cola.

All in all, a marvelous event! I would like to thank the organizers, sponsors, and speakers from the bottom of my heart, and also to those innumerable strangers who helped me find my way in a German speaking country, a place where English is not even an option!

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