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Need to wait for Drupal 9 to migrate from my Drupal 7 site?

Drupal 9

Upgrade to Drupal 8 or Waiting for Drupal 9!

After almost 5 years of hard work and dedication Drupal 8 was released with different predecessors, rewritten from scratch. Travel from Drupal 7-8 was a steep curve, depending on the website complexity, migration time and cost varied and the new custom features had to be updated.

Drupal 9 is expected no more, but just the updated version of Drupal 8. Migration from Drupal 8 to 9 would be leisurely. Drupal web agencies like AddWeb Solution are aware of the deprecated codes and what could be the possible changes.

We’re building our Drupal 8 sites to be Drupal 9 compatible by avoiding deprecated API’s. Getting up Drupal 8 is entirely safe now, since we’ve been building and updating all of our clients’ sites. It is an important consideration for one who’s running a custom or contributed module on their site. An alternative way of looking at it is that organizations that start preparing their platforms now could enjoy a seamless upgrade when Drupal 9 piles out.

How Drupal Works

Drupal timely issues new capabilities within a span of 6 months for which many times it had to depend on third parties. With every new deprecated code, there came a new code and this pattern continued. With this continuing pattern, corollary third party dependencies also came, now after 8.7 it has planned to remove all the deprecated codes and come up with the updated versions of Symfony and Twig.

Talking about the custom codes, that is what you can act on with Drupal 8, not much has to be done, it will easily be converted to Drupal 9. For contributed modules to be up to date and contact the developers for removing the deprecated code. You can also switch to optionally supported updated design like Symfony, PHPunit, Twig, Doctrine, CKEditor.

Third-party Dependency

Drupal is supported by Twig, and Drupal 8 is supported by Twig 1, Twig 2 soon going to come and as Drupal is still working with its code, they have planned to release the minor version of Drupal 8 supported by Twig 2, so you don’t have to wait for Drupal 9 to start using Twig 2. You can use Twig 2 with the updated version of Drupal 8. By releasing the minor version of Drupal 8, Drupal developers can also check if there is any problem coming up with the twig 2. Drupal is also dependent on Symfony. Currently Drupal 8 is working on Symfony 3.

Plan for Drupal 9

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Drupal 9 is planned to release in 2020. Symfony, a PHP framework on which Drupal depends, uses a release schedule of six months. Unfortunately Symfony’s release date is scheduled 1-2 months after Drupal’s release date, which forces them to wait six months to adopt the latest Symfony release.

Drupal 8 currently depends on Symfony 3, which is going to expire soon in 2021. Symfony 4 and 5 are to be updated in Drupal 9, as Symfony 5 release date is less than a year away and Symfony 4 is released already, so now probably Symfony 5 hooks up with Drupal 9. They are trying to collude with Symfony 4 in Drupal 8, as it could be a nice stepping stone to Symfony 5. The best way to be ready for Drupal 9 is being upgraded with Drupal 8.

You should reconsider the approach, if in case you are planning to migrate from Drupal 7 to Drupal 9 directly. It would be more beneficial to upgrade to Drupal 8.

Progress for Drupal 9

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The good news is that upgrading from Drupal 8 to Drupal 9 would be really easy , radically easier than upgrading from Drupal 7 to Drupal 8. The only thing is that you need to manage “deprecated code” as well.

I encourage you to update your Drupal 8 code to use the latest and greatest APIs, which can benefit from those improvements immediately. There is no logical reason to wait until Drupal 9 is released. Drupal 8.8.0, the last release to deprecate for Drupal 9.


Waiting for Drupal 9 is entirely your choice. The switch to Drupal 8 with AddWeb Solution today will make your journey to Drupal 9 more comfortable. Contact AddWeb Team to get started on your Drupal 7, 8 or 9 upgrade.

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‘AddWeb Solution’ Has Launched New Website To Serve IT-solutions to Startups & Enterprises.


The following Press Release describes some of the engaging features of the newly launched website by one of the best IT-Companies of India, ‘AddWeb Solution Pvt. Ltd.’

The one from one of the most prosperous lands of the Nation(India) which is ‘Gujarat’, here comes ‘AddWeb Solution Pvt. Ltd.’, with the launch of its newly-ripped website and invites visitors to explore the same…

Giving heed to the satisfactory-levels as well as to some fascinating-expectations, the new website is loaded with many new features like Easy & Speedy Navigation, Proper-hinge to the technologies the company relies on, Precise-tinge of the elaborations of the types of solutions the company provides, and a lot more…

The Stats: Keeping in mind the phrase which says, “The Stats are the real Mates.”, the website has these amazing displays of numbers and figures or say statistics in order to showcase the level of expertise & lively attitude the company holds in the industry.

The AddWeb-Vibe: The use of eye-catchy colors combined with the best ‘UI/UX’ which are some really interesting Graphics and Images which gives the visitors some satisfactory-chills in the pits of their stomachs.

The Speed You Need: Every effort invested goes in vain, if it doesn’t take the desired-shape in time. Yes! Speed is the real Key in today’s ever-changing & never-ending Digital-World. Same goes with the newly-crafted website of the company.

The Facts tell & Stories sell: With the display of awards and achievements, the company’s website now also indulged with stories which are Testimonials, The career-station(with the company), The life-style @ AddWeb Solution, etc. which keeps the process of engagement more desirable and feasible.

More about the Company:

Being in the industry for some embedded 8-years and touching all the required horizons, AddWeb Solution offers the most Intelligently Integrated end-to-end IT-Solutions. Considering Agile methodologies at the base, the company also focuses on precise Staff-augmentation procedures. Be it anything from Progressive Web Application development to Mobile Application development, AddWeb Solution serves as one of the best ‘One-stop IT-Solution’ spaces.

The company stands as one of the best front end technology development service providers in India with more than a decade of experience. Along with which many other services/solutions like Digital Marketing, E-Commerce platform development, Block chain development, DevOps consultation, etc. are the parts of the huge pool of services and solutions the company provides…

Let’s Catch Up: Wanna grow your business & expand your Global Footprints with some high-ended ‘IT-Solutions’? Well, let’s Talk Solution & sip some coffees together over the discussion of your next project.

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AWS Well-Architected Review – What is it?


AWS Well-Architected Review – What is it?

Cloud computing services are changing as the years have passed, and it is certainly the case with the AWS environment. Tech geeks have been largely successful in creating fresh instances, making changes in security groups, and do a little tinkering on the new AWS Services. Even after all that, it could turn out to be a disaster.

This is the reason Amazon Web Services now recommend carrying out a Well-Architected Review for 12-18 months. This is a new cloud computing solution that is available, and it outlines a seamless approach to gauge the AWS architecture and thereby solve any problems that might occur.

This review is carved out of the AWS Well-Architected Framework, which comprises many best practices that have been officially recommended by AWS themselves. Let us take a look at some of the following sections on the AWS Well-Architected Review.

Introduction to the AWS Well-Architected Framework

The framework is constructed out of five principal factors that are called pillars. Every pillar is made out to assist you with addressing a specific facet of the environment,

1. Operational Superiority

This can be defined as the ability to operate and monitor the systems that provide value to your business with no interruptions. It would, therefore, help you with surpassing your existing process steps. Some of the best design principles that are recommended by AWS are as follows,

  • Operations can be carried out in the coding format.
  • Documentation with specific interpretations available.
  • Carry out small changes from time to time, should also be mercurial if need be.
  • Operational steps should be refined time and again.
  • Learn to assess failures constantly.
  • Expect to fail; otherwise, you would not learn from it.

2. Security

This can be defined as the capability to secure information and important assets that are valuable for the business. Risk assessment and countless alleviation strategies are exceedingly important during the implementation of security. Some of the important design principles with regards to security are as follows,

  • Implementation of a powerful identity subsection.
  • Sanctioning traceability.
  • Security is a must at all of the layers.
  • Automate the best practices with regards to security.
  • Data protection during transportation and while at rest.
    Unsuspecting users must be kept away from data.

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The Future Of WordPress Beyond 2019

The Future of WordPress Beyond 2019

Sitting at the end of 2019 when we look back at the year 2015, we see the term ‘WordPress’ has several technical developments, massive acquisitions, regrettable spats and internal rants that entertained a lot of audience across the world. That was the year when we felt that WordPress is growing and moving from a mere Content Management System (CMS) to something bigger and better!   

Look back time… 

It was already a decade of WordPress being one of the famous but puttering blog platforms, and expecting WP to act as a business platform for developing websites and e-commerce could have been a faintish experience for the owners as well. If we jump back in 2005, Matt Mullengweg was just focusing on establishing Automatic and It was not sure how far will it go. But increasing demand for blog websites, fuelling the popularity of the plugins and themes, and the flexibility of platform enabling users to design and develop pages as per their requirements suddenly skyrocketed the popularity of WordPress. The pace that was set in those days is what WordPress is still enjoying today in 2019.

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